Bespoke Development

So you've got a great idea for your business or perhaps your great idea is your business. What you need now is someone to deliver your vision in a timely and cost effective mannor. What you need is FC Software bespoke development services!

Our development team are well versed in all commonly used development languages and are capable of delivering your product or vision on time and within budget.

FC Software are so sure of our abilities that when you instigate a project with us whatever we quote you for that product is the price you'll pay. We will deliver exactly what we quoted for and if we underestimated the time required to complete that project we absorb the cost of that overrun. Yes you read that right, if we quote you 1 month and it takes 2 months to complete you still only pay for 1 month. We also guarantee all our work to the level that any bug fixes or general errors in the system caused by us we will fix for free and immediately for the entire life of the product. Thats not a 12 month guarantee or support contract as everyone else provides. Thats for ever!

We are capable of developing applications that are web based, desktop based, mobile device based.

We are fluent in the following languages/technologies. PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby (rails), C#, C, Objective C, C++, QT, Java. We can also develop for the following platforms windows, linux, iphone, Blackberry, Android and will also be offering development facilities for the upcoming MeeGo devices

We support development on the back end systems of Cassandra, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle and SQL Lite

We work with you at every step of the development process from start to finish to ensure you can be confident that your project will come out exactly as you imagined and will function exactly as you want it to. Contact Us and lets get your project moving.

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